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why, how and what behind Persistence Athletics.







Our most popular product – “PA Home” Program

Are you suffering from chronic joint pain/obesity/diabetes/thyroid/hypertension etc. and are dependent on medicines?
Do you stay at home and want to lead a healthy lifestyle without disturbing your other commitments?
Are you a working professional and/or travel constantly, and find it difficult to sustain your fitness routine?



It does not matter if you have never done any exercise in your life. We have carefully designed 3 progressive stages to create a growth-oriented environment for you to ensure you learn and transition safely, effectively, and efficiently. We made it accessible, scalable, and affordable.





Accessible: We deliver our products and services via WhatsApp to make it easy for you to access it. No need to download another app! 





Scalable: No matter the age, experience, or how often you exercise or you have never exercised in your life, you can start our program.     



Affordable: Based on the methodology of CrossFit and Precision Nutrition, our product is tried and tested extensively and successfully. By keeping it at $29.99 we made it highly affordable for you so that you can build a sustainable healthy lifestyle.