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Take a “5-minute action”

The “Sunday Ritual”


Starting today, we suggest you schedule a little time to have a “Sunday Ritual.”


(Don’t worry, it’s not as cultist as it sounds.)

The “Sunday Ritual” simply means doing a couple of small things to prepare for the week ahead.

This will help you start each week feeling fresh, prepared, and ready for action.


Your Sunday Ritual will vary depending on the week as we introduce new things for you to think about and practice.


Take a “5-minute action”: Make ONE small change to help yourself succeed.


Other things you could try:


Do some grocery shopping and pick up some convenient, healthy staples. (Don’t worry about what, specifically, “healthy” means. Just take your best shot at it right now.)

Prep some healthy food for Monday.

Take some extra rest and recovery time — have a nap, watch your favorite movie, get a massage, hang out in the hot tub, or sauna.


Take a few moments today and ask yourself:

What do I need to do to make time for getting 1 step closer to my health goal over the next few days?

See if there are a couple of small things you can do to plan ahead and prepare.


For now, whatever you choose, keep it simple, small, and easy.


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