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“Do more by doing less”

 Do more by doing less


To make a change, do one thing at a time.

Well, that concept works for lots of stuff. Here’s how to make it work for you.


Why do less?

We live in a culture that values doing more. Having more. We suggest instead that you do less because, at the end, when you do less, you actually end up with more.

  • More joy.
  • More satisfaction.
  • More focus.
  • More health.
  • More wisdom.


Doing less allows us to focus on what truly matters. And do these things better.

It’s not easy.

Busy-ness can feel comfortable. Slowing down can feel… kinda lazy, maybe. Or like we’re missing something.

But often, all our “busy-ness” simply masks our fear that we are not enough as we are. If we just keep running, we’ll get somewhere… because “here” is not enough.


Today, realize: If you are living in accordance with your deeper values, you are already doing enough. You are already enough.


Prioritize and focus

It’s easy to get freaked out and overwhelmed by too many competing demands on your time.

Sit down and make a list of all the things you think you have to do — and then systematically decide not to do some of them. Make your decision based on your priorities and values (see how a mission statement becomes useful?).


For each task, ask yourself:

Does this fit into what is truly important and meaningful to me?

If not, either put it on a list for later, ask for help, delegate the job to somebody else, or let it go completely — without guilt.

If yes, commit to focusing on each task or obligation with your full attention. (Remember that?) It’ll get done more quickly, plus you’ll be more focused and more effective.


Live your mission statement… and enjoy

Today, do less.

Choose your activities and obligations carefully — and do only what is important.

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