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Learn to prepare some basic recipes using whole foods!


You might have found yourself feeling a little uncomfortable this week as you got used to your new whole-foods-only habit.


That’s normal.

We’re all used to the convenience and ease of processed foods.

And for most of us, it’s been a long time since Home Economics class.


We’ve got three little words for anyone having a tough time with preparing a whole-food menu:

Learn. To. Cook.

We don’t mean that to sound snarky.


What we mean is that learning to cook (or learning to cook better) will open up a wonderful world of possibilities to you.


People who can cook well:


  • know what to do with particular foods (or at least make informed guesses).
  • are more willing to try new things.
  • understand how to put general ideas like “have lean protein” or “eat colorful vegetables” into practice.
  • aren’t as intimidated by new foods or preparation methods.
  • know where to look to find help and answers for cooking problems.
  • feel confident and comfortable in the kitchen — which makes food prep a much more pleasant and fun experience.


The secret about cooking

Here is a super-secret truth about cooking:

Most cooking is easy.

Seriously. Even the fancy stuff.


Yes, if you want to do authentic Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani cooking, it can be time-consuming and fiddly. But almost no cooking task is truly difficult. Even kids can learn to cook.


So if you’re a reasonably intelligent adult who has access to fire, can hold a spoon, and can follow a recipe, you can cook about 98% of anything in the world.


You might need a little trial and error. But that’s how you learn. Even the best chefs have plenty of burned pots, inedible swamp mushes, or carbonized bricks in their history.

Don’t get discouraged; just keep trying.


Old School

Today we’re gonna go “Old School” and show you how to make some basic things that you might otherwise buy pre-prepped, or feel intimidated about making.

You don’t have to make these dishes from scratch every time.


Just know that:

  • It’s possible to cook from scratch, even if you’re a beginner.
  • It’s usually simpler and easier than you think.


Plus, it lets you customize things the way you want.

Mutter Paneer? Chicken roasted with lime and coriander? Green pea hummus?

Why the heck not?! You’re the boss.

Tools of the Old School trade


We will talk about the important must-have kitchen utensils in our next blog but still here is a small list: 

  • A slow or a pressure cooker
  • A blender and/or food processor
  • Good cookware
  • A good knife or two
  • Utensils
  • A cutting board
  • Food containers


Try one or two new dishes or techniques. With cooking, you learn by doing.

If you screw it up, no big deal. Enjoy the experiment.


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